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"We highly reommend Kathy for any of your future real estate needs, as she is the perfect person for the job"

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"Our experience working with Kathy was fantastic. She was very kind, approachable, knowledgeable and honest with us throughout the whole process"       Alexis & Jeff Victoria Village in Toronto  




 " I had my Townhouse previously listed for 3 months without selling it until .....I  met Kathy Markoff.  She did so much more. She showed me information on many other units that had sold as well as other townhouses that were on the market at the time. She made a few suggestions on what  needed to be improved to get top dollar for my home when we relisted. While I was busy working she ensured that the contractors finished making improvements on time and within budget . These small changes really improved visits by other buyers wanting to come see my home. I had more visitors in 1 weekend than I had for the whole time it was previously listed. I sold quickly when I listed it with Kathy. I was very pleased with this experience of selling my townhouse with Kathy Markoff. ~Romulo Tredanio



"When we first met with Kathy Markoff, she was very thorough explaining to us how the buying process worked with a real estate agent. We did not know that we did not have to pay for her services to find us a home! We knew that after speaking with her we wanted ; a ravine lot in the city, something that had no work required preferably renovated, and with a basement apartment. Over a short period of time we visited dozens of houses within the area we wanted to buy.  She booked and attended all of these visits and she continually provided many options that met our criteria. She encouraged us to visit as many properties as possible .She explained  to us that with every visit we would learn more about what we liked and didn’t like, so that when we found our perfect home we would just know it . We appreciated her dedication and the time spent with us while we searched. She was right . We found our dream home ! We ended up buying a house, ironically we went back to buy the one that was in the first group of houses she showed us when we first started looking but only after we searched for weeks going through them all. We finally narrowed it down to 2 places and Kathy helped us review our short list of houses factoring in all closing costs which helped us solidify our final decision. She negotiated for us and we bought our dream home below the listed price.- It was worth the wait" ~ Hermoso Family  


"We are so happy that we partnered with Kathy Markoff to sell our home. One major difference with Kathy as an agent she educated us and provided ideas and options making us feel comfortable since we were not familiar with all the details involved in selling nor were we aware of the legal paperwork involved. She is extremely knowledgeable and very patient. Before listing our property with Kathy, she made recommendations on what we should do to get the most money. She helped us manage to our budget tracking everything in a spreadsheet that she created for us to stay on plan. Despite being a very competitive market also busy time of year to sell , everything she suggested worked! We sold quickly at asking price. She created a plan to sell, achieved timelines, executed her Marketing plan exactly as she promised. She also helped us find handymen and a lawyer. We have never seen anyone work as fast and as hard as she did and we had two prior agents to compare her to in our previous attempts to sell. ~Nelson & Placy






"My wife and I have had the great pleasure of selling our home in Brampton for a record margin and purchasing our dream home on the lake for way less than market value. This was all possible with the help and working of Kathy Markoff. Kathy is extremely knowledgeable and comes with a high level of marketing expertise coupled with thoroughness and undying work ethic. We’re planning on buying an additional property soon. I couldn’t imagine calling anyone else to help us with it. Kathy is extremely professional, considerate and quite a classy agent to have in our corner. People please don’t hesitate to use her. She was recommended to us and I’m really glad we listened. Agent for life. Thanks Kathy! You absolutely Rock! "~Chad and Janice Semi Detached Listed and Sold at asking price 





"Let me first point out that our house was listed with an agent last year for 6 months and did not sell! We decided that we would sell it ourselves this year and along came Kathy Markoff and her motivated clients. Both my wife and I could not have been more impressed by her professional approach and her accommodating attitude to our situation and her clients. She was well prepared and motivated about our property, although she had never seen it until she arrived to show it. She got it done and that to us meant everything. She is honest and trustworthy with all the contractual paperwork with selling or buying a house. Thanks again Kathy for a JOB WELL DONE!"~Lynda and Rod  


Testimonials from previous professional working relationships

I have had the pleasure of working with Kathy for many years, both at Unilever and The Walt Disney Company. Kathy is a highly effective sales and marketing professional who has earned the trust and respect of internal and external customer alike. Kathy has a real passion for business and leverages her creative thinking abilities and technical expertise to drive results. Kathy's strengths in multitasking, creative problem-solving and being adept at all aspects of communications make her a valuable contributor to any situation or team. ~Jonathan Hope Disney Managing Director, Sales North America 

I worked with Kathy at the Walt Disney Company for roughly 7 years. Kathy was one of our Sales Directors, strategically managing several key accounts, with particular focus on Walmart Canada. Kathy brings passion, commitment, and a strong desire to get things done. I was particularly impressed with her analytical abilities, and her ability to apply fact based selling strategies to meet both Disney and Retailer goals. On top of all of that, Kathy puts on emphasis on building strong and productive working relationships both internally and externally. She was a invaluable member of the Disney Canada team. ~Leo DiBacco Organizational Leader Specializing in Finance Strategy, Industry Intelligence, Retail Planning and Analytics

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kathy for 10 years at the Walt Disney Company. She is extremely results oriented and has great leadership skills to drive new initiatives. In addition to her business acumen, she works well with all levels of management internally and externally.~ Mark Liao now Director Operations Canada and Latin America at Moen Incorporated 

I worked 3 years with Kathy at the beginning of my career she was an inspiration; a result oriented manager that conducted business with integrity and vision. Her ability to build strategic partnerships still remains today a key learning for me.~Jacinthe Lavergne Brand Director CeraVe Loreal     

Kathy excels at building great relationships. I had the pleasure of working with Kathy during my time at Walmart Canada when she was Director of Sales at Disney. She stands out when it comes to professionalism and negotiation skills. I have always been impressed by Kathy's demeanour during intense negotiations. Kathy is great leader to her team. Kathy has my utmost respect and highest recommendation. ~Vanessa Sankar now Merchandising and Marketing Leader CPG Retail and Telecommunications 

After working with Kathy for 10 years, I can say that she is the most dedicated and engaged Sales Manager I have ever met. She is not satisfied with just hitting a number or making the sale - she goes above and beyond to build a partnership. She goes to great lengths to be informed, to understand her business and to find solutions. Kathy’s belief is that you can always build a plan that meets the objectives of both sides – so that both partners can achieve their goal. She is a supportive manager and team member. She will always give credit and recognition to others – allowing others to share in the success. Kathy is dedicated, loyal and a true asset to any and all organization    ~Susie Macrae Marketing & Communication Executive 

Kathy Markoff is an accomplished, polished and driven sales person. She is proactive and resourceful and always comes up with new ideas and solutions to drive the business. Kathy is very organized and has excellent analytical skills. She is a strong leader, a team player and is always the first one to extend a helping hand when you need it. On top of her business skills she is also a pleasure to work with. Kathy is a great senior asset to any company seeking to drive rapid growth, strategic alliances and leadership  ~Lara Armour Executive Director at The Walt Disney Company

I have worked with Kathy Markoff over the past 11 years both as a colleague and on her Team and reporting into her. In both cases Kathy has demonstrated a commitment to Team and to success through collaboration and trust. Kathy is extremely organized and highly analytical and shares and mentors these skills in a professional manner that enables and instructs. Above all Kathy continually manages herself and her Team to move forward and succeed in a thoughtful and balanced manner ~Rusty Gilchrist Senior Sales Executive  The Disney Company

“Integrity”, “Leadership” and “Results” are the top three words that come to mind when describing Kathy. She is a driven leader who achieves results by bringing out the best in those around her. Her supportive style, strong work ethic and valuable knowledge/experience motivate and inspire those around her. Having the opportunity to work with Kathy and learn from her was one of the most valuable experiences of my career~ Christy Jeffray Sr. Manager Client Services at Mosaic Sales Solutions 


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